Going Out Your Door

This page is taken from a comment by Bilbo Baggins to his nephew Frodo: "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." This page is designed to be a portal into a larger world of articles from the internet. Treat it as a road you are walking along with trails that catch your attention and lead you from time to time to explore a bit. Not everything will be of interest to you, but then, you never know what trail you will follow when you click "more." I will update the articles periodically by adding to the top row. If you have one of interest, let me know (mg79clark@yahoo.com) and perhaps it will become another trail to follow.  Marion Clark

True treasure cannot be lost; it provides light for your life and peace for your soul. Treasure is the kingdom of God...more

How good is the good news of the gospel? James Montgomery Boice found four good points to make...more

As we encounter life's difficulties, we often find ourselves testing God, or is it God testing us?...more

How can a hell-fire preacher who demands perfection and cross-bearing from his disciples speak of a yoke that is easy to bear?...more

"I don't love you anymore," he said.
"I'm not buying it," she replied and waited him out. How one modern marriage avoided divorce...more

What is a free-thinking humanist parent to do when his children believe in God?...more

The strange course of the war impressed upon George Washington the doctrine of providence. How should we respond to such a mysterious concept ...more

The Christian who understands providence strives to be more like Christ than to do great things for Christ. As a result, he ends up doing more for Christ...more

Once again, the evangelical church follows the old adage, If you can't beat them, join them - twittering as worship...more

Many mothers would like to keep their unborn babies who are diagnosed with a handicap or projected to die. But will they receive help and support from the medical community?...more
So, how healthy is your church? Mark Dever has nine marks that ought to characterize a healthy church. How does yours rate?...more

Scandals of religious leaders engaged in sexual misconduct hurt the church's witness. They have an added danger teaching the possibility of being fruitful without being pure...more

Racing the baby stroller down the hill, jumping off the balcony, decorating with magic markers - the sanctification of "intentional mothering"...more

They are never in a bad mood. They're never cranky or sleepy or sick. They never stammer, guess, or search their memory. They are your fantasy paper pastors...more

For the majority of the world's inhabitants, children are becoming an "avoidable liability" and raising them are sacrifices not worth making...more

Christianity the one true religion? Such a position is not very helpful for dialogue with other religions, and dialogue is a "moral imperative"...more

I asked a famous conductor if he believed in God. “Only when I’m performing Bach. Then I start to think that if Christianity is capable of inspiring a human being to produce music of this sublime perfection, there must be something in it"...more

What if Jesus had not risen bodily? Everything about Christianity would fall apart if the tomb had not been empty...more

CHRISTIAN: This was a revelation of Christ to your soul indeed. But tell me particularly what effect this had upon your soul. HOPEFUL: It made me see that...more

 "...if the death of Christ on the cross is the true meaning of the Incarnation, then there is no gospel without the cross," wrote James Montgomery Boice...more

According to the author Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe experienced a greater deliverance than that of being delivered from his island... more

“Pick it up, read it; pick it up, read it.” So sang the child and so Augustine obeyed and found the power to give himself over to the Lord...more
Why does a good God permit evil? It's an old question. Maybe five questions will help think it through...more

What was her secret treasure, the murderer wanted to know, which kept the harlot from jumping into the river? And so he demanded she read from the eternal book...more

How Disney stopped thinking like Walt Disney and dropped The Dawn Treader...more

How science fiction found religion: Once overtly political, the genre increasingly employs Christian allegory...more

"Give me that old time humanism when humanists once believed in something noble," bemoans one humanist old-timer...more

For 90 minutes, Max McLean, as Screwtape, dictates—to his assistant, Toadpipe—those infamous instructional letters addressed to Wormwood, a junior demon...more
According to one Welshman, Americans are too hung up on personalities, whether they be athletes, politicians, or theologians...more

Why is it that in every religion in every culture in every era men are less religious than women? Perhaps for the same reason they are more likely to commit crime...more

I, Patrick, a sinner, the rudest and the least of all the faithful - and so St. Patrick begins his Confessions. Sample a page or two...more

According to Time magazine, the "New Calvinism" is one of the ten ideas changing the world right now...more

We are on the verge of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity that will fundamentally alter the religious and cultural environment in the West. But the good news is...more

Ten seconds left. The team is down by one when the best shooter is fouled. Another player is sent to the foul line. He happens to be blind...more

World's worst cultural mistakes: Don't let blowing your nose or taking off your shoes land you in hot water when you travel...more

By God's common grace he gives various and numerous blessings to all mankind. And yet many are unaware of the contempt they show for such blessings...more

New research shows that spirituality may help teens cope with chronic illness...more

Doctrine, Reformed preaching - Shai Linne thinks such elements make good material for hip hop music...more

 On this inaugural day, check out some of the inaugural speeches from presidents of the past....more

 According to Frederick Buechner the gospel is the true fairy tale that we would do well to believe as a child...more


Richard John Neuhaus, author of The Naked Public Square: Religion and Democracy in America, has died...more

 Fathers (and mothers), perhaps you can control behavior for awhile, but don't overlook your child's heart...more

 The fans are cheering, the cheerleaders are shouting their songs, but why for the opposing team?...more


They don't want religion, but they do want fellowship and moral support. So where are Humanist parents to go?...more

A confirmed atheist is convinced of the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa...more

 Christians tell a better Christmas story. But is the basic story clear and simple in our minds?...more


 "Sin" and "devil" are gone, as are "acorn," "melon," and "tulip." According to Oxford's Junior Dictionary, Christianity and the countryside have lost their relevance...more

Fairy tales and Santa Claus prepare us to embrace the ultimate Fairy Tale, the one ingrained in our being...more

 We may have been fools, but we were fools willing to listen and to believe and to obey...more


 The child would not be born in my lifetime. The Spirit revealed that my message was for you...more

 Mice Templar could be the most emotionally-challenging depiction of the mythic hero ever crafted for the comic book page...more

I stand in the presence of God, but it was before a babe in a manger that I learned human fear...more


 I am proud of my son. But I know now there is a Father even more proud of his Son...more

 It is easy enough to make hearts feel things. It is hard to make a permanent change in them...more

Newsweek says the Bible is not a good source for opposing gay marriage. Albert Mohler disagrees...more


Before our modern-day atheists, it was the church that had trouble with Christmas trees...more

 Silence. How easy it is to go through a day literally without one minute of silence...more

 A member of the "educated liberal middle-class" explains his circle's uneasy Thanksgiving...more


 Worried about how you will manage through the economic crisis? Knowing four-C's will help...more

Stephen Gloucester was a former slave who became a Presbyterian minister. Why did Frederick Douglass denounce him?...more

 Ligon Duncan offers counsel on how to pray for our President-elect Barack Obama...more


"I feel sorry that we are being destroyed from within," intoned the Rev. Jim Jones. Within hours more than 900 of his followers would die...more

Johnny Cash is hard to pin down. A man of contradiction, he epitomized the soul of his nation...more 

The streets of Gaza are cleared at night. Curfew? No, everyone is home watching the Turkish soap opera, Noor...more


 Rick Phillips, a former military officer, gives guidance on how to pray for soldiers...more

 The Puritans don't get respect, which led Sarah Vowell to write about these Wordy Shipmates...more

 How do I know God's will for me? Sinclair Ferguson finds six questions to ask from the letter to 1 Corinthians that will help with an answer...more

In The Death of the Grown-up, Diana West contends that adults' desire to return to their youth began with the 1940s' invention of the teenager...more 

According to the Global Language Monitor, English adds a new word every 98 minutes. Next April should produce the one-millionth...more

With the elections coming up, Christians should reassess their civic responsibility beginning with hospitality...more


R. C. Sproul wonders what Luther would have to say today about evangelical churches. Actually, he thinks he knows...more 

Day dreaming by a church chorister led to a great invention, but such dreaming seems to be a dying skill...more

 According to a Dutch study cleanliness really may be next to godliness, or at least keeping the law...more

Long before Thomas Wolfe struggled with "going home again," a young Presbyterian seminary student faced the dilemma of being educated beyond his hometown neighbors...more

 Is Down Syndrome the product of the Fall? Or perhaps a better question: Is our reaction to it the product?...more

Parents obsess over their children's IQ. In 1997, Robert Coles wrote a book advocating interest in their "moral intelligence." He explains in this PBS interview...more 


Over thirty years ago, Tim Keller heard Edmund Clowney preach a sermon on the "Prodigal Son." It changed the way he understood Christianity. Here is that sermon provided by Crossway....more 

Preacher, remember, you are preaching to the ignorant, to the doubter, and to the sinner. Whoever the person and whatever the case, here is what you are to give them...more 

The New Atheists condemn not just belief in God but respect for belief in God. Religion is not only wrong; it's evil. And so it is time to wage battle...more 


Soul mate? This feminist just wants a traditional family and she is willing to settle for Mr. Good Enough to get it...more 

Are genetically modified plants safe for human consumption? According to the Swiss, that's not the real question. What about the plants' dignity?...more

Is "gracism" the right response for the church to racism? That is the premise to David Anderson's book Gracism: The Art of Inclusion...more 


The basic elements of football started at Franklin Field, Harvard Stadium and the Yale Bowl, essentially shaping college football and college athletics as we know them...more

Who is the Bad Guy in the present financial crisis: greedy Wall Street? interfering government? maybe our obsession with owning a home?...more 

"We often win over our enemies only after we have been soundly defeated by the Lord Himself," so writes A. W. Tozer in this online devotional...more


Is there a soul mate for each person, that one individual who is your destiny? Gary Thomas thinks we should more concerned about having a sole mate...more 

The movie has all the works - explosions, special effects, sexuality. Now, what is it teaching you? The producer knows. Do you?...more 

How do we keep acts of mercy from diluting or swamping the gospel's message about the great act of mercy, namely the atonement of Christ...more


If only he had developed the ability to speak in public, legendary football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg, would have completed his first pursuit to be a Presbyterian minister...more


How powerful is forgiveness? One teenager whose recklessness killed a young bride discovered its power as shown through the Amish towards him...more

What was her secret treasure, the murderer wanted to know, which kept the harlot from jumping into the river? And so he demanded she read from the eternal book...more


The cult of professor worship is perhaps the most dangerous and reprehensible cult in the theological world, so says one theological professor...more

What is more likely to dissuade a person from being superstitious and believing in the paranormal? Education? Atheism? The answer may surprise you...more

Adults are supposed to know things that children don’t, and this knowledge binds and inhibits us. And so The Childlike Vision fades...more
On September 11, 2001, Makoto Fujimura was attending a prayer meeting when he heard of an accident at the Twin Towers, three blocks from where he lived with his family...more
 "Keep working with this Unitas," the coach told Berry. Evidently he saw something in the skinny rookie whom others thought wasn't tough enough...more
Is Satan more concerned about the families in our churches than we are? What does he know that we may be overlooking?...more
A mistake? A poor choice? That is how many like to refer to sin. R. C. Sproul takes a harder line. He calls it "cosmic treason"...more
"Call me a natalist," confesses this father of five. His neighbors think he is strange to have so many children in the center of the city...more
Deaconess. It's become a fight'n word in the PCA. Two ministers use soft gloves to present their different takes - Tim Keller and Ligon Duncan...Keller...Duncan
Sometimes you wake up in the morning, look around at creation and, well...if you are a poet like Cummings or Hopkins, you just got to exclaim...more
Why put invaluable treasure in jars of clay? The Apostle Paul thinks he knows, and it keeps him from losing heart through trials...more
To preach the good news, we must preach the bad, i.e. the reality of hell. But in this age of tolerance, how? Tim Keller shares his approach...more

According to David Skeel, evangelicals are still looking for the next great Mere Christianity. To succeed a writer needs two things...more
Not long before she died, Pauline Kael remarked to a friend, "When we championed trash culture we had no idea it would become the only culture."...more