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Expository Sermons

Expository preaching is the exposition of God's Word. The goal of the preacher is to unveil the message of Scripture. A presupposition of expository preaching is that the worshipers should come with the attitude of waiting upon God to present what he wants the worshiper to hear from his Word. The preacher relies upon the Holy Spirit to know what each worshiper needs to receive. The expository preacher often does not know his topic, and never knows what he will say until he has studied the biblical text. It is that text that drives his message.

Preaching is to be Christ-informed, Gospel-informed, and Grace-informed. Though the topic and focus of a message will vary from sermon to sermon, based on the book and passage being preached, even so, the preacher is to unveil where Christ, the gospel, and grace are present. He is to turn his hearers to Christ at the end. Christian worshipers must hear again and again the gospel; they must always be turned to Christ; and they must be reminded of God's grace even as God's law is pronounced. The overriding message from the pulpit is what God has done for us through Christ Jesus. Through that message our people can more readily take to heart how to live for Christ.

 Psalms 1 Corinthians
 Proverbs Ephesians
 Isaiah Philippians
 1 Peter

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