Psalm 29  The Voice of the Lord
 Psalm 78.1-8
 We Will Not Hide Them
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 Psalm 78:5 Testimony and Law
 Psalm 78.9-11  I Forgot
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 Psalm 78:10 The Covenant
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 Psalm 78:12-16 Delivered, Guided, Provided
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 Psalm 78:32 Despite His Wonders
 Psalm 78.38-39  Yet God
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 Psalm 78:41 Testing God
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 Psalm 78:42-55 Wondrous Redeemer
 Psalm 78.65-72  He Will Not Fail Them
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 Psalm 100  Thanksgiving  
 Psalm 110 Priest-King 
 Psalm 111 The Lord Provides
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 Psalm 116  The Cup of Salvation
 Psalm 118:1-4, 19-29
 Celebration of the People
 Psalm 118:5-18 Celebration of the Victor