The Truth in Love

Overview: Speaking the Truth in Love presents practical lessons in communications and relationships within the church body. Prepared to help ministry leaders more ably minister in the church, these lessons are also applicable in other relationships such as in the home and at work or school.

 Introduction - Speaking the Truth in Love
 Lesson 1 - Encourage  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 2 - Speak the Whole Truth  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 3 - Listen  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 4 - Ask
 Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 5 - Address Behavior  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 6 - Consider Fears and Joys  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 7 - Use Thoughtful Speech  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 8 - Be Honest  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 9 - Apply Correct Theology  Text  Audio/MP3
 Lesson 10 - Know Yourself  Text  Audio/MP3
 Conclusion - The Process Matters  Text  Audio/MP3
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